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Kentu 2.0:


Kentu risks his life to save his love, currently known as Metal Demon. As he lays dying, Metal’s love for him resurfaces and releases her from the Scarred One’s spell. Because her heart is breaking, she not only cries tears, she cries blood. Her blood seeps into Kentu’s wounds, and the nanites heal his body while also de-aging him and creating new abilities. Now that the two lovers are reunited, they are ready to bring victory to Sumina.

I finally learned to use the spoiler! I’ll keep it handy for risque type stuff, such as this. Also, I realized when I was done I kind of had a sun-moon motif, thus the background. In a way, they are kind of the Sun and Moon gods of Sumina, at least this is the story that will be passed down to future Suminians. Another thing, my recent retro work helped me with Metal Queen, and I’ve liked how Dr. Silver, Metal insert-name-here, has evolved over time. Finally, I’m thinking of doing one or two other poses with them just for the heck of it, so you’ll see them again, hopefully soon.