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I have another male figure, so it’s okay to look:


Kentu is Nimu and Galinda’s father. His tribe lives in the coldest parts of the Northlands, and he is considered the greatest warrior of his time. The men of his clan do not reach peak strength until their mid-70s and live anywhere between 150-180 years without ever losing much of their vigor. Kentu is currently 80 years old. Since he is a man, he cannot be a Guardian of the Golden Light but is highly respected for his wise counsel and warrior spirit.

Kentu lost his arm and his wife in the Goblin Wars, but got his revenge on the goblin leader, Orn, which led to the enemy’s surrender. He now wears Orn’s practically invicible skull along with a mantle made from the rare and powerful Char-Beast that Orn once rode. Since Kentu no longer has both hands, he cannot wield the weapon of his youth, Head Cleaver, a two-handed sword taller then he is and as wide as one of his legs; instead, he carries Orn’s magic axe which never needs sharpening or cleaning.