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Okay, so I may have fibbed when I said I probably wouldn’t have another character with as little on as Galinda. Of course, this next one is partly machine, so I guess that doesn’t technically count. Wink BTW, this is a transfer character from my other gallery on the forum.



As the years passed, Earth became more dependent on the nanotechnolgy of Dr. Emily Silver, once known as Metal Streak. Life around the world improved, but Silver saw the dangerous possibilities the future held. Knowing that the imergence of artificial intelligience would either bring the human race to a new level of existense or bring about its downfall, she created a fail safe. At the age of 70, Dr. Silver placed herself in suspended animation until such a time when her expertise might be needed. Unfornately, when that time came, the systems that were to re-animate her failed.

During the height of the rebellion against the techno-masters, Syn-47 discovered the hidden chamber of Dr. Silver. She attempted to awake the doctor from cryo-sleep but had to abandon the doctor when Earth Realm forces attacked. Little did Syn know that she successfully jumpstarted the process. About the time Earth Realm invaded Sumina, Emily had re-entered life and accessed the situation. Seeing the odds she stood against and knowing that the Suminians would need her help, Dr. Silver injected nanites into herself. Now, more machine than human, she has become Metal Saint.

FYI, I purposely tried to make her “suit” similar to both Syn-47 and her old Metal Streak uniform. Also, when I redesigned Metal Streak, I had thought of the above story idea, so I made sure her suit was a precursor to Syn’s look.