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Alexander of Limbo

Right i have a winner, but first, because there are only 3 entrants i’ll do just a little bit about each :)

1) ams
I consider you to be one of the masters of zypping, and that definitely shows here. Using dark colours to add shading/shadows works very well. The Highlighting is also vibrant. I especially like the zypping done to the face to give it a more 3D feel.

2) Keric
As someone who has just found out what shading is this is a great first step, using darker gradients to give an impression of shadow. I will say as someone who has just started zypping that you should just fiddle around with it a bit, experiment and come up with some inventive tricks.

3) prswirve
Much like ams i consider you another master of zypping and that is very apparent here. The colours and techniques used here give a very satisfying image to look at, with the contrasting colours of the blues to the orange coming together very nicely.

So the winner this week is: prswirve

As the winner you get to upload an image of yours (or i can upload another if you don’t have any) and get to judge the entries. (only got 3 entries this week though :( might just try this a couple more times)