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My entries for Character Design Challenge 101: Gamma Madness! Will edit this post as I finish them.

1. Cara: Female Antimatter Blaster Fungoid. Cara appears partly human, but has numerous thin, tendril-like arms. She wears motley steel plate armor and carries a satellite dish shield and a chainsaw. Cara suffers from blindness.

2. Wardy: Male Temporal Demon. Wardy has green scales and small, bat-like wings. He wears motley plastic armor and carries a hubcap shield and a Glock 9mm pistol. Wardy suffers from deafness.

3. Virgin: Female Hypercognitive Fungoid. Virgin is a tall and athletic mushroom, with numerous thin, tendril-like arms and blue eyes. She wears a mutant insect shell and wields a replica fantasy sword and an alien blaster rifle. She is fierce and strict.

4. Hara: Female Reanimated Octopoid. Hara has yellow skin. She carries an oven door shield and a spiked glove. She is absent-minded and cautious.

5. Joycy: Female Vampiric Demon. Joycy is athletic, with crimson skin and small, bat-like wings. She wears a leather duster and wields a Glock 9mm pistol. She is cautious and haughty.

6. Aman: Female Gelatinous Fungoid. Aman appears partly human, but has white spongy flesh. She wears a mutant insect shell and wields a pipe wrench and a throwing axe. Aman suffers from tremors.

7. Athleen: Female Pyrokinetic Felinoid. Athleen has striped auburn fur and bright yellow eyes. She wields an electric nail gun. She is bloodthirsty and vengeful.

8. Lisse: Female Reanimator Human. Lisse is short and stout, with gray skin and green hair. She wears mutant hide armor and carries a snowboard shield and a heavy iron pipe. She is perverted and vengeful.

9. Aniel: Female Entropic Demon. Aniel has small, bat-like wings. She wields a kitchen knife and a Colt .357 revolver. Aniel speaks with a lisp.


10. Mara: Female Hypercognitive Yeti. Mara is tall and slender, with dirty white fur and large green eyes. She wears an alien spacesuit and carries a spiked wooden shield and a boat oar. She is fearless and impish.