So the first cover.

For me the Lady dress is a little bit plain and too dark to the character a little bit lost in the composition. And need to mask the eyebeam to not goes out for the frame.

The second.

Little dizzy the colouring work. The aura, the cloth and the beam color is the same and the too light font colour made the picture confuse a little.


First Cover.
So need to use little item and masking to made the cloth a little more attractive. And if you use dark background use light zypping behind the character or lighter outlines. The eyebeam is cool but masking in a square insignia to not goes out for the cover frame.

Second Cover. Play a little with the colors, The same color schemes are confuse the eyes. I first don’t see to what you give the clothes because the “pink” or “purple” is to dominated. The title are also lost in the composition. I think if you change the fonts color, like red or yellow is more effective, and transparent the colors.

I hope this helps you, no one born artist, need to practice and find the borders of what you can do with the program.