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Someone Else

Thank you all for your feedback and advice! I’ll have to keep some of this stuff in mind for later attempts.

But as I’ve yet to post without adding more content, here we go:

Firefighter + Clown =
Yeeeeaaaahhhh, not much to say about this except that he intends to put fires out with that soda can (probably going to shake it up first).

Next an odd sort of superhero concept:
Rick Awesome is capable of pulling off nearly anything if he can make it look ‘cool’ enough. This usually manifests as super-strength or the ability to pull of stunts that no-one else could. He also seems to be able to avoid logistics and health issues as he never runs out of gas, bullets, or cigars and his lungs remain blissfully undamaged.
His chief weakness is that if something appropriately awe-inspiring is used against him, it’ll work just as well as his stuff.
(A related weakness is that anyone who tries to punch him gains a temporary understanding of martial arts)