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Most of the ones I know you have to clear you cache or they might not work. With the updates sometimes it fixes the cheats. In the begining when you are escaping from Helgen, the person you decide to follow you can attack with whatever you want and they wont die or attack you back. Its an easy way to get some experiance before leaving the cave but it takes some time. If you have a good shield with decent shield stats go find a giant and block all attacks. He will level up the shield skill rather fast. Try using a restoration spell while getting hit too. When taking on a companion try to find one that is also a trainer. After you have them on your team ask them to train you then go in their inventory and get your money back. If you go down to Faulkreath you can find a dog on the road nearby that talks and doesnt die. After you follow him back to his master just go wherever and he will follow. You can get a second dog from a guy near horse stables outside of Markarth, he however may die sometime if your not careful. When you get a follower, give them a staff of conjure someone and resurect someone and you will have a good size team. Some side quests also have a person follow you to a place and you might get them to go along as well. I havent figured out just how many to get to go with me at once. Okay lets see what else, oh in Riften you can talk to the bartender at the Black Briar establishment, you can use persuasion on him endlessly to level up speech skill. In whiterun when joining the companions you are asked to fight one of the members to test you mettle. Use a destruction spell on him and he will tell you to quit but wont fight back or call guards. Thats a good way to level that skill up. Theres also a spell that changes health into magic, and one that restores health. Cast both at same time to level up both schools of that magic. Your health and magic will just keep feeding into each other. My favorite is a bit long to get to but theres a book that when you read it will level all warrior, theif, or wizard skills up by 5. When you get the book you DO NOT READ IT! Buy a house then go to a book shelf. Squat down and move to the left side of the shelf and try to look in corner of shelf. Place the book on the shelf. Exit the book shelf. Go back onto the book shelf, and this is where you have to be quick, after you pick up the book exit out of shelf then quickly pick book up off the shelf before it disappears. You will get two books. Do this over till you have 10, place all on the shelf and pick one off the shelf at a time till you have one and repeat. You can put 5 points into all your skills over and over. Just dont read last book and dont read if you have them all in your inventory. If you do it will read them all and delete them all but only count as one. If you want to find a new dragons home to get a new shout just use a shout that wont hurt anyone infront of a guard and someone will give you a letter telling you some crap but then your map will be updated to go find the source of the power and its a dragon shout. I know a few more but those are some good ones to help you get going quickly in the game. I was level 75 before I even started main quest.