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Thank you one and all.

Hammerknight: The forehead rings might work. That’s a good idea.

Vampyrist: Thats a cool combination of effects, though I get more of a kind of smoky residue after an energy blast kind of feel from it. However, it gives me some ideas for mixing elements.

Kaldath: I’m still very new here so when you say zypping, you mean just the use of a gradiant circle in a “glow-like” color correct? Like the eye on Vampyrist’s sample?

Livewyre: Having scene the face, I take it you are saying its too expression neutral? You’d try to find a way to make the face more expressive, like more in concentration?

Herr D: Ok I’m going to take a chance here since I can’t really find anything that says the style this is based on is copyrighted and there are tons of nockoff costumes in RL out there, so… If a mod needs this taken down just go ahead and do it or let me know and I can take it down.

This is the full body shot of what I have so far.


PS: I really need to rework the boots as well since they don’t seem to fit the body even though if I shrink them any more the legs show.