Re: Shoes on wrong feet


Herr D

rrrmmm–you can turn them and swap them, but perspective on curves kind of throws it. If you don’t like the look, try layering shapes on top of them for the look you want. In my thread, Herr D’s CFLs, my last pic posted had a shoe problem. Mbumbwe, the figure to the left? That isn’t just straight out of the Companions. That’s the companion twice, two-thirds of him masked to a giant insignia, and the right third or so masked to another. (The sword splitting him for effect.)

I couldn’t get his left (our right) shoe to fit on the insignia and still match the curve. So I built it. I think I used Insignia/Tech and Heads in two colors. About six pieces. Generally anything can be done if you use enough pieces and practice the techniques of layering.

Good luck with your shoes.