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Dionne Jinn

This is Starlight Hunter, a spaceship I created to go along with one of my many fan fiction stories. Starlight Hunter is the only one of its kind, and it was designed and assembled by a small group of people. Most of the parts used in building were taken from other ships or ordered as faked replacement parts for something else.


Some of the ideas I used when creating the Starlight Hunter can be tracked down to Nautilus in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It is one of my favourite novels, but I wasn’t actively thinking it, when planning the Hunter, I only noticed the resemblance later myself. I’m sorry for the Finnish “tags” in the second picture, but I’m just too rotten lazy to change them and upload the thing again.

EDIT: Links to pictures replaced with deviantART links because ShoutWiki collapsed again…

EDIT (19.11.12): Finally got around turning the tags in English on the schematics picture.