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Dionne Jinn

Hammerknight said:

That is cool I like it. I do see the Jules Verne in it. I never read his books but I love the movies made from them. Even the bad ones. It also has a every fishy look to it that I like. They say that space is like water in some ways and I have always wondered why more people didn't think of space ships that look like fish. Great work.

Verne's books are a great read. You should try them. And as of the fishy look on the ship, that is exactly what I had in mind when planning on Starlight Hunter. One of the first appearances for the ship I came up with was a conversation between a captain of another ship and his sensor officer, like this:


Captain:Have you identified that approaching ship yet?

Sensor officer:No, sir. Is has been made from some unknown composite material and the hull design doesn't match with any known ship types. It looks like… some kind of a… fish.