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Hero: Red Rocket
Story: Bobby Rogers was raised in a secret base where his father worked as a scientist for an organization known as the Chaos Corp. When he was about 12 years old, Bobby snuck into the back of his dad’s car and then followed him into the lab. When he tried to enter the lab though, a security officer caught him. He grabbed bobby and detained his father. They were taken to the boss, who ordered that his father be shot and the child locked up. A guard with a mask immediately shot Bobby’s father in the back of the head. Writhing in anger, Bobby tackled the guard, took the gun, shot the other guard, and took off. He managed to escape in an advanced aircraft he didn’t know how to fly. He crashed it in the ocean hours later. A U.S. Navy ship found him clinging to a piece of scrap metal and took him aboard, where he met an officer who would eventually train in hand to hand combat, battle tactics, and shooting. Now, in the year 2028, Bobby lives life as a vigilante by the name of Red Rocket who seeks to stop the schemes of the Chaos Corp.
Powers/Abilities: Expert Hand to hand combat, peak human strength, extremely smart, engineering capabilities, designed plasma pistols (usually wields two of them), designed a jetpack which can retract and expand at any time, making it the ultimate mobility tool. Has many gadgets and devices in his equipment belt.


Villain: Dr.Shock
Story: Dr.Shock is the new leader of Chaos Corp. Yohan Jackovic (his real name) worked as a scientist for Chaos corp for many years, but never liked the job. In fact, he hated the mistreatment and hard labor so much that he devised a plot to end it all. First, he created a sirum that would make his body tolerant to all levels of electricity. Then he designed a number of high tech items including his powerglove, his bolt launcher, and boots which give him extra speed and jump height. The next step in his plot was to murder the boss and take over Chaos corp. by force, which he did successfully. Most of the employees complied very readily once the first to rebel was shocked to death in front of the entire orginization. Now Dr.Shock seeks to bring, well chaos, to the world, and only Red Rocket stands in his way.
Powers: Tolerant to electricity, powerglove (emits a small electric field which damages any normal human near it, also sends surges of electricity when it comes in contact with someone) bolt shooter (shoots lightning) speed/agility boots, extremely smart, engineering capabilities, created minions called shockbots which are fly, shoot lightning, and obey his every command.