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A random character for today, didn’t do any shading as I am really tired…
Name: The Ex
Story: Andy Ferris was a modest american; he worked as an accountant for the NYPD and lived in a small apartment with his wife, Lauren. One day Andy was fired from his job. He returned home, exhausted and angry, to find his wife sleeping with his best friend! The pain was too much to bear… his rage was overwhelming. Andy ran to the kitchen as the two adulterers put on their clothes. At first he began crying, but then….then the anger set in. He looked up, a steaming wrath in his eyes, and reached for a butcher knife. Andy brutally murdered his wife and friend in silence, his sick mind taking joy in their screams. Andy now lives life as a masked murderer, silently watching and waiting to find other adulterers, and then slaughter them heartlessly. Newspapers have dubbed him, The Ex. He wrapped around his legs the bloody rags of his first victims undergarments. He still wears the same coat and shirt he was wearing on the day he killed his wife and friend, but stitched a heart onto it, to remind him of the one thing (he believes) he can never trust…love.