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Fourth member of the Galaxy 5-
Name: DeadShot
Powers: Perfect firearm accuracy, trained in combat, both hand to hand and with guns. Xray vision, thermal vision, night vision capabilities.
Story: Logan Wadsworth was a Detroit police SWAT sniper and firearms instructor for many years until one day, while responding to a particularly violent bank robbery, he shot and killed one of the robbers who turned out to be a pregnant teen girl. Distraught over what he had done, Logan retreated to his parents house in rural UP Michigan to seek solace. One day while out walking to nowhere in particular he was captured by (evil alien race fighting against the Galaxy 5). The Aliens wanted a healthy adult male to turn into a cyborg and Logan fit the bill. The Aliens started the process of cyborg transformation with Logans head and grafted the skull plate to Logan complete with cybernetic enhancements. When the Aliens powered up the cyber mask, Logan regained consciousness, escaped from his restraints, fought off the Aliens and fled the hideout. Believing he now had a second chance at life Logan became Deadshot, master marksman and joined the Galaxy 5.