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I saw this alien head and I had the idea to enlarge it and put it on somekind of either mech body, or a small alien body that could fly. My ideas for him went in all sorts of directions, but I couldn’t seem to make it just right. I spent about an hour and a half trying to get the body right, and finally I just went with this spider body. The energy field is his forcefield, protecting him from the many intergalactic peace officers who are after his head. literally. ;) In the end though, I am not very happy with how he ended up, so Im putting this out there for anyone up for the challenge to try and create a better version of him. The body definately doesn’t have to be the same, I just want this alien head, enlarged to 200×200 on like either a robotic body (maybe he lost his real body, but his head survived and was hooked up to a cyborg?) or on like a small alien body floating in the air. He is not supposed to be a powerful combatant, he is an evil genious who’s aim is to create an army of vicious creatures and mechs to do his bidding and bring terror upon the universe. but he can have some technologies that would protect him and give him some offensive capability. I call him: The Mind.The-Mind.jpg