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@Legatus said:

Nice fantasy races!

And welcome to the forums!


@Herr D said:

Yeah, nice work–camo spiders is a good upgrade, because they were already stealthy escape artists.
Two questions: are all these to scale with each other, and does ‘Kallion’ mean humanoid or is it a regional name?

Yes, they are all to scale with each other. I have another version of this that has lines that correspond to height marks. Basically the Lath, the black skinned guy with white tattoos, is about the height of a human – if that helps put things into perspective.

The Kallion are a race, they are divided into two sub races, the Eluvi which are physically frail but use magical abilities that they draw from the sun, and the Uriadi, who are physically more sturdy, have rejected the sun and live beneath the earth.