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If there’s an Alien Force, then surely there’s a corresponding Earth organization that handles tricky cases and otherwise engages in diplomacy. Surely. So here are two members of The Bureaucracy. As is the case with Alien Force, these will be couples or platonic partners.

Alexander Andrews, aka Double A, aka Prototype, is super strong and durable. His armor halts the momentum of energy- and projectile-based weaponry. What is armor doesn’t catch, his boy can usually absorb but not without significant pain and body energy consumption.

Derek Kane, aka The General, is in a relationship with Prototype. He holds the rank of captain in the United States Marine Corp, but joined The Bureaucracy due to his burgeoning mental prowess and because he lost an arm. He is called ”The General” because he has the ability of mind control and often organizes the mundanes around him into a cohesive fighting unit due to his ability to control their actions. The Bureaucracy often provides him with soldiers, but occasionally he just imposes his will on the weaker-minded to achieve his goals. He received a new tech arm from the founders of Alien Force, but it was developed by the fish-like people.