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@Scatman said:

you must of been in the process of adding Cadence when I started viewing them, cause Cadence(which turned out to be my fav)wasn’t up yet!I love this collection very cool colors each one gives it’s own feel,very cool!


Great work, I like all four.

Scatman, I posted them and then realized that I had forgotten to add the black bracers of binding to Cadence and Resplendence.

It’s been fun trying to do these while using only a few contrasting colors and using names/descriptions that end in the -ence/-ce sound. I had thought to use the torches as a good scale for both series, but only got really serious with Malevolence and Valiance since I wanted to convey giant and floating height respectively.

Thanks so much! It seems like I’ve been successful so far! :)