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Notes: Malevolence is a giant. I hope that the torches can provide a little bit of scale. The proportions of Resplendence are a little off and that was the intent.

More Rituals.

Malevolence is the embodiment of the spirit of kindness and malice. She will perform unparalleled acts of the giving spirit or of ill-intent. Beware the golden rule when it comes to Malevolence.

Cadence is the embodiment of the creation of music to move the soul to great heights of ecstasy or sadness. The evocation of profound emotion is a force of nature and can never truly be predicted.

Resplendence is the embodiment of vanity. He will make you attractive or ugly either on the inside or outside such that you lose or gain the object of your desire. What has been gained or lost can turn into a curse.

Valiance is the embodiment of courage and cowardice. She gives great courage or awesome cowardice to face your challenge. A choice that can lead to doom.