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Mr. Twinkle and Playtime

Lester Templeton, aka Mr. Twinkle, is the founder, owner, and CEO of Templeton Industrial. Originally born in the early 1400s, Templeton has changed names, faces, and has aged and de-aged over the centuries to maintain appearance. Mr. Twinkle has magic-based, cosmic altering powers but he the size and scope of his alterations are limited. The overwhelming sense of restlessness and boredom led him to take a walk in the park, where he found a little girl named Natasha Weylon. Sensing her untapped and nearly unlimited magical power, he altered the cosmos to facilitate kidnapping her. Templeton has purpose in training his new daughter and apprentice how to focus and deliberately use her powers. He has world-altering aspirations and plans to create a death-inheritance cycle with Natasha. The ramification being that they endlessly alternate control over Templeton Industrial through the ages.

Natasha Weylon, now Templeton and known as Playtime, is reality altering powers. She thinks it and feels strong enough about it, then it happens. She’s still a child and has a child’s sense of adventure and wonder about her powers; as such and as part of her training, Playtime exclusively manifests her powers through toys. Her current best friend is a light saber-wielding dinosaur named Tommy that she created from her toys. Playtime is the reason that Templeton is now known as Mr. Twinkle. She loved the manifestation of his powers and had taken to calling him Mr. Twinkle. Because of this, reality altered in such a way that he is almost exclusively known as Mr. Twinkle and nobody knows how or why Templeton Industrial got its name. Even the placard on his door reads Mr. Twinkle, CEO; as do all of his business cards. Currently, Templeton is able to limit her, but once she reaches full maturity, not event he sky will be her limit.