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For this character, I was attempting to do metamorphic affects. I wanted her to still be conventionally superhero attractive, but show the horror of what she can do. I didn’t give her a right arm. Instead, the character’s right arm is the energy orb. the red in the arm is blood that’s redistributing. I’ve also added a pattern to resemble splitting skin. The left arm is a male alternate arm that ends in a zombie hand. This her musculature mutated to increase her muscle matter and the skin hasn’t caught up to the skeletal formation in her hand. The left leg is a goat. Finally, I used a female stock face because I’m not so good at doing that yet.

The background is the factory where she encountered the gas that eventually mutated her and gave her these abilities.

Biohazard: Cassidy Emers is a graduate student who decided to volunteer for a scientific study. Things went south on the scientists and their experimental gas escaped into surrounding labs. Cassidy was amongst infected.

Biohazard has the ability to metamorph and her touch can cause others to spontaneously metamorph, which quickly becomes uncontrollable and eventually turns the infected into goo. Biohazard fears this fate for herself so is diligently looking for a cure.

Character update: