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 One day, when Andrew was watching his neighborhood from his upstairs windows, he for the first time took notice of a martial arts school of sorts just next door. He decided to pay it a visit. Inside, he met the owner’s nephew, Mitsuhide Hattori.
 When the two engaged in a martial arts conversation about who was greatest, they decided to spar each other. Andrew hadn’t forgotten the training that was given him by Mr. Soul. His opponent however was more trained. Mitsuhide was so fast and stealthy; Andrew had to focus very much if he wanted to touch him. Their battle raged for a short period and ended in a draw.
 Andrew and Mitsuhide became close friends almost immediately. They got involved in a long conversation about all and nothing; until finally, Mitsuhide’s uncle Mitsunari Hattori arrived; at that same time, duty called for Sentinel and Andrew had to leave.
 Mitsuhide had asked Andrew if he could do any menial works for him for money. Andrew accepted the offer and went on to save the city.
 Days, weeks and months passed and Mitsuhide always came to work in Mr. Nixson’s house; washing the cars, cleaning the house, beautifying the garden, doing the laundry etc.; he was a real hard worker; he was somewhat a perfectionist. Meanwhile, Andrew and Mitsuhide became ever closer friends.
 Andrew eventually began to sponsor Mitsuhide’s education and soon enough, his uncle allowed him to move into Mr. Nixson’s house.
 Mitsuhide’s black belt in ninjutsu qualified him for many competitions and with Mr. Nixson’s sponsorship, Mitsuhide began to win many trophies for his uncle’s school and this attracted many students.
 Moreover, Mr. Nixson had also sponsored Mitsunari’s martial arts school which he rebuilt into a bigger one with more facilities and trainers.
 Inevitably, Mitsuhide began to trace the similarities between the identities of superhero Sentinel and Andrew Nixson. He decided to find more clues when cleaning Mr. Nixson’s room; indeed, he found none at all.
 This went on for months until there was one raid of unexpected enemies in Cirrus City; the Midnight Brothers.
 Sentinel remembered that he had never actually fought them before. He only intervened during one of their crisis and they were caught in the middle of it. This time, it seems they were here for him. They had heard of his actions and they were here for revenge.
After one calm evening patrol, Sentinel was flying home peacefully when suddenly; the Midnight Fox pounced on him. Sentinel used his fire ability to burn Midnight Fox off him and just before he would land, Midnight Hyena pounced from another direction and threw him to the ground. Sentinel immediately froze the Hyena’s paws which caused the Hyena to fall. Being very alert in thoughts, Sentinel anticipated an attack from the back by the Midnight Bat. Lo and behold, when Sentinel turned around, the Bat was approaching him in flight. This was a well strategized ambush. Looking at the horrible creature that approached him in flight made Sentinel helpless and the Bat immediately lowered him to the ground. The others also jumped in and grabbed him. He was knocked unconscious and carried away by the villains to a dark cave where he was chained.
Sentinel was woken up the next morning by Midnight Wolf who had unmasked him and began to express his great anger at the way Sentinel stopped them; and about how they had spent many years as animated suspensions; and how they intend to crush him and kill him.
They then related the story of how they were also part of the children that were tested on by Doctor Deagan. They said that since Sentinel didn’t want to join his father then he would have to die. Their father, Dr. Deagan had sent them to do that for him.
Meanwhile, Sentinel sent a distress call to all his allies. The distress calls reached his three former partners (who were very far away from him) and the last one reached home, where Mitsuhide was sound asleep.
The youngster woke up at the sound of the distress call and soon, found himself in Sentinel’s base of operations, underneath the garage. Mitsuhide rushed for the new ninja gear that Andrew Nixson had bought for him for his next competition. This, he donned with one of Sentinel’s masks. In a glass container, there were two beautiful katana that were sitting majestically. Mitsuhide unlocked the container and took off one of the swords, which he wrapped over his right shoulder. There were two amazing motorcycles which Mitsuhide didn’t know who they belonged to. He chose the one which looked like a running tiger. In no time, he was on the streets with the motorcycle directing him to where the distress call was calling from.
He rode to the spot and came to face the four of the Midnight Brothers who were seconds to killing the unmasked Sentinel. Mitsuhide raged and defeated the four creatures all on his own and downed them before he could free Sentinel.
 On the day after the fight, Jamal Jones arrived in Cirrus City and Andrew related the story of the Midnight brothers to him.
 When Jamal met Mitsuhide, he made him his personal motorcycle from the finest of material. He didn’t like the idea of Sentry riding on Wilde Kitten’s motorcycle.
 The Shadow Bike, as Mitsuhide called it was made to fit Mitsuhide’s stature perfectly. It was solar powered; with an unlimited boost of nitro. There were other features that Mitsuhide was yet to find out when using the Shadow Bike.
 Also, Jamal Jones made a more personal mask for Mitsuhide. This mask had night vision, in-built binoculars, communication devices, and a face-stinger which for some false attempt to unmask. He also invented tracking devices, smoke bombs, knock-out gas and other amazing gadgets that could help Mitsuhide in his crime-fighting life. Amazingly, most of the attack and defense devices were laced with either ice or fire.
 From then onward, Mitsuhide took up the alter ego of Sentry and took to crime-fighting as Sentinel’s sidekick. What odd partners they were.
 Sentry’s primary weapons however were two studded tonfa which crossed at his back with their handles sitting on the wearer’s shoulder as a shield when not in use. Jamal had laced one of the tonfa to be ice attack and the other, fire attack. Everything was an amazing resemblance to Sentinel’s abilities.
 Soon afterward, Jamal Jones returned to Ridge City.
 Together, Sentinel and Sentry; although an odd team; tidied up the streets of Cirrus City. They faced off with villains such as Mark Mace (a young billionaire girl who had wanted to train with Mitsunari), Shade Ninja (Mitsuhide’s past best friend, who now wanted to counter him) and Murielle Moseley (young lady who was attracted to Andrew Nixson but wanted to kill Sentinel)
 They had alliance forces from Rasta Ninja (Mitsuhide’s Rastafarian best friend who decided to take up crime-fighting to assist him)
 The new Security Men; Sentinel, Sentry and Rasta Ninja worked hard to cleanse Cirrus City.