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 Soon, a secret call came from S’Hyde Police Commissioner Robin Rogers, requesting a party of masked crime fighters in Quills Ville that can ‘match-up’ to the increasing rate of costumed villains in the City. This request was delivered by fellow crime fighter Hoarfrost; asking for Sentry’s alliance.

 Sentry initially denied the request but later accepted, provided Rasta Ninja came with him.
 On the night where Mitsuhide and Reyna Makeedha (Rasta Ninja) were to move to Quills Ville, they delayed a little to help Sentinel to chase down Shade Ninja through the whole of Cirrus City. He was caught by Sentry at the mouth of the border that separated Relite from S’Hyde.
 In S’Hyde, Sentry joined a team of young crime-fighters consisting of Hoarfrost, Renae, Buttress, and Rasta Ninja of which he was the leader.

 Shortly after the departure of Sentry and Rasta Ninja, Andrew had the greatest surprise of his life; Lizzie Antony came back to Cirrus City from Brick City to stay. She brought with her a young girl named Paige Norman whom she had taken care of while in Brick City.
 Andrew soon proposed to Lizzie and the two had a successful marriage which was attended by various crime fighting allies. Shortly thereafter, Mr. and Mrs. Nixson had a first born daughter who they named Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Vanessa Nixson.
 Mitsuhide returned briefly to Relite without Reyna to help Mr. Nixson in managing affairs and the new child.
 Lizzie Nixson revealed to her husband and Mitsuhide that Paige was having super abilities. She had the ability to travel through shadows and also camouflage herself into other people’s shadows.
 What’s more, Lizzie was now known as WILDE TIGRESS and Paige was Wilde Tigress’s partner back in Brick City known as SILHOUETTE.
 The new arrangement became such that, Mr. and Mrs. Nixson were mostly taking care of new born Betty Nixson; while Sentry and Silhouette took care of the crime fighting affairs. Once in a while, Sentinel joined and helped them.
 Sentry and Silhouette begin to develop an on-and-off romantic relationship. Eventually, their relationship stabilizes despite an opposition from Andrew who claimed they were too young to be in a relationship.
 When Betty was old enough to start going to school, Mitsuhide returned to Quills Ville to join the UH which had two new members; Firmament, a very awesome hero; and Ultralad.
 Mr. and Mrs. Nixson conceived and bore twins, sons; who they named Jones Addison Nixson and Andrew ‘Andy’ Nixson Jnr.
 Sentinel continued crime fighting with Silhouette as his partner while Lizzie Nixson took care of the children full time. When she was not in school or assisting Sentinel, Paige helped Lizzie with taking care of the children as well.
 Betty didn’t show any signs of having inherited any of her father’s abilities. Jones and Andy however had each developed an aspect of their father’s ability. Andy inherited the fire and heat ability; while Jones inherited the ice and cold ability.
 Betty, however at a young age, she went into martial arts training; training with Mitsuhide. Lizzie however refused to train her at all.
 When she turned eleven, Betty made a costume for herself and dons it to help her father, calling herself Sentinelle. Initially, Sentinel didn’t know who was behind the mask of Sentinelle, but with the combined effort of himself and Wilde Tigress, they found out it was their own daughter.
 Since Silhouette had been Sentinel’s partner for a long while, Wilde Tigress thought it wise to train her own daughter to be her new apprentice. Betty was then subjected to training by her mother. Wilde Tigress trained her daughter in her cat-like fight style and named her the second Wilde Kitten.
 Wilde Kitten mostly rode in Wilde Tigress’s sidecar during their crime fighting spree.
 Together, the duo fought criminals such as Mistress Mist, Ninny and Nitwit, and Alphreth Carter-Kane.
 Soon enough, it was realized that Betty was spending more time in her superhero identity more than in her civilian identity. This caused her grades in school to fall badly. Drastic action had to be taken. Mr. and Mrs. Nixson resolved to take Betty to Boarding School.
 When Betty heard of it at first, she runs away from home as Wilde Kitten on the Rolling Claw.
 She was ambushed and kidnapped by Mistress Mist, who sought to make her nemesis, Wilde Tigress’s daughter her apprentice. She manages to get into Wilde Kitten’s head and turns her against her family briefly.
 With the combined effort of the whole family that had grown and trained her, Betty comes back to her senses and agrees to go to Boarding School.
 Andy and Jones however used their abilities freely at home; but they still never knew the complicated superhero background of their family.
 The Security Men still did a great job for year after year
 Suddenly, however, Sentinel and Wilde Tigress go AWOL for a whole year.

 In that same season, Betty completed her university study and came home to continue her superhero partnership with Wilde Tigress. In her mother’s absence however, Wilde Kitten fought crime with Silhouette.
 Eventually, Betty revealed her superhuman abilities to her partner. She had inherited a carbon copy of her father’s ability but had always hidden it till then. When she realized how the criminals were not as afraid as they were before, she said that the City needed a Sentinel.
 She entrusted her secret to only her partner and made sure she vowed to say nothing of it. She eventually made a superhero costume that was the feminine version of her father’s own. She then named herself Sentinel and took to inflicting more fear on the criminals.
 Sentry also took a break from the UH and left Quills Ville because of the disappearance of Mr. and Mr. Nixson and ‘besides, they could take care of themselves’.
 He moved to stay in his uncle’s house in Relite, and also began to help him with the martial arts school.
 Mitsuhide soon found out that a new female Sentinel had risen and he didn’t want to be the Sentry to a girl and ‘besides, he had grown out of that name’.
 Sentry changed his superhero identity and becomes Shadow Ninja. He changed from using two tonfa to using a one katana. It was a complicated sword which he had asked Jamal Jones to assemble for him. With the press of a button, the blade of the sword could be laced with ice; and with another button, could be laced with fire. His reason was that, the criminals had grown too stubborn. Meanwhile he and Silhouette’s love life blossomed still.
 Soon however, Mitsuhide realized in his uncle’s martial arts school, a certain young boy who was very good in martial arts. Since Mitsuhide was helping his uncle par-time, he volunteered to train the boy personally. His name was Roland Percy.
 As their training proceeded, something terrible happened in Roland’s family. His parents were mixed up in the presence of a gang fight and were both shot dead.
 Mitsuhide quickly adopts the young boy and moved him to live with him.
 Mitsuhide reveals his superhero identity to the boy and tells him why he does that job; ‘the world is unstable and someone has to step on the weight of justice to make it heavier, besides, if it wasn’t done, more parents would end up like Roland’s’.
 Roland wanted in. Mitsuhide trained him extensively in some of the arts he had come to learn outside his uncle’s tutelage. When Roland was prepared, he donned the mask of Sentry and worked as Shadow Ninja’s sidekick.
 The new Security Men were now a female Sentinel, Shadow Ninja, Silhouette and a new Sentry.
 Soon, Shadow Ninja found out about Betty inheriting her father’s abilities and confronted her. She revealed the truth to him but begged him to keep it a secret from her parents. He assured her.
 As Mitsuhide realized, Roland preferred to work with Betty more than with him. He was first reluctant to allow Roland to go but he soon agreed and Roland began to be the sidekick of Betty instead.
 After a year of absence, Andrew and Lizzie reappeared.
 Immediately, Betty hangs her cape as Sentinel and returned to being Wilde Kitten. Her confidants also acted well.
 Mr. and Mrs. Nixson revealed that they were on a spy mission in a war-torn African country with Espy and Africa’s greatest hero Anansi-The-Spider and his sidekick Cob-Web. They had to be gone like they weren’t there, that’s why they didn’t inform anyone about their departure.
 Sentinel got to find out that Mitsuhide had adopted a younger boy from his uncle’s martial arts school. The child had lost his parents and Mitsuhide had taken him in and trained him to be the new Sentry (Roland Perry).
 For the brief period after Mr. and Mrs. Nixson’s arrival, Mitsuhide traveled to Katef City to assist Buttress and Hoarfrost in infiltrating Big Bonze’s lair to rescue the latter’s girlfriend, Rasta Ninja.
 Meanwhile in Cirrus City, Sentinel (Andrew) and the new Sentry (Roland) paired to fight crime. During their crime fighting, Sentry revealed to Sentinel that he had some gadgets that could perform fire or heat related characteristics while the others could perform ice or cold related characteristics. Sentry possessed two tonfa as well; one laced with ice and one laced with fire. His tonfa were a new pair made by Jamal and more advanced than the first ones.
 Meanwhile, during their stay, they still hid their superhero life from their two boys.

 Soon, a call came for the matured heroes to join a team of Superheroes that would collectively deal with a great threat that the world was going to face in the future. Wilde Tigress and Sentinel agreed to go while Sentry and Silhouette stayed in Cirrus City to take care of affairs as well as Jones and Andy.
 In Brick City, Sentinel was part of a group of adult heroes that combined forces in neutralizing an alien invasion from the Conquering Diamonds. The shiny crystal-like aliens came to earth chasing another alien from Luminae.
 The group, consisting of Sentinel, Wilde Tigress, Sandstorm, Earthwork, Apposite Girl, Axis, K9 and Dr. Jeremy Jones neutralized the attack of the aliens despite great challenges.
 The Luminarian who was being chased by the villains had gotten amnesia since he crash landed on Earth. The team agreed to name him Damian Gitson, after …
 Damian had the ability to generate hard light from his bare hands, among other amazing abilities.
 After the victory over the Conquering Diamonds, the team decided to settle down and form a permanent team. It was later known as the Superheroes Society.
 For the first year, Damian lived in the headquarters of the Superheroes Society, training with each member of the team.
 Meanwhile, the Superheroes Society was struggling to fit in with government officials who were overwhelmed by the organized strength of the crime-fighters now.
 The Superheroes Society faced off against villains such as Professor Bill I’Wood (a mad professor who had learned a formula to mutate people), Big Bonze, Bodyguard Tia Tia (a very well trained bodyguard who uses her free time to face off against masked crime fighters), Queen Ant (A very rich woman who had a lot of able-bodied men at her service), Destro-the-Destroyer (an inter-galactic doomsday villain) and The Disdain Hegemony (a team of power-thirsty villains).
 In Cirrus City, Betty picked up her mask as the female Sentinel again and paired up with Sentry (Roland) to fight crime.
 Soon enough, Sentinel (Andrew) decided to take Damian home to live with his family and have a normal life. When he came home, Betty once again reverted to Wilde Kitten.

 As soon as he and Lizzie reached home, some bad news followed.
 Lizzie’s biological brother, Orlando Antony, who was a fireman, was killed while trying to rescue people from a burning building. Orlando’s wife had died while giving birth to her first son. Now, Lizzie was the only one that the child could turn to at that time.
 Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Antony thus came to live with the Nixsons in their huge house.
 Before long, he found out about the children’s abilities (apart from Damian whose ability was known by only Mr. and Mrs. Nixson) and this made him at first afraid of them, but later got used to it.
 Damian and Andy Jr. were very close from the first time they met. Jones Jr. and Nicky also clicked very well. Nicky expressed how he ‘envied’ the others’ special abilities.
 Shortly thereafter, something more spectacular occurred.
 The Midnight Brothers attacked on a school day and kidnapped Sentinel, Wilde Tigress, Silhouette and Shadow Ninja.
 After school, when Percy found out the disappearance of the others, he compromised his secret identity and enlisted the help of Andy, Jones and Damian (who also revealed his abilities as soon as he heard of the kidnap). Roland and Damian were the only two trained fighters but Jones and Andy were complete amateurs.
 The three new heroes each donned various versions of Sentry’s costume. They took up codenames; Damian became Sentry No. 3, Jones became Sentry No. 4 and Andrew became Sentry No. 5. Nicholas insisted on going with them, despite having no abilities or training.
 Under the leadership of Sentry No. 2 (Roland) the four youngsters infiltrated the Modern Facility that belonged to the Midnight Brothers who now had a lot of henchmen that wore fear-inspiring animal masks.
 Nicholas however was supposed to stay put and wait for the others to return but he strayed and went off-mission.
 This ended him in the treasury of the Midnight Brothers. While going through the affairs of the villains, Nicholas caught sight of a belt which he carelessly put on. It was only after he girt his loins about that he realized it was the belt that granted ex-speedster Lithe Speed his powers. Nicholas had only heard of Lithe Speed but never actually seen him.
 Nicholas was now a speedster and immediately identified himself as Sentry No. 6
 The first four young heroes are initially almost overwhelmed by the strength of the Midnight Brothers but with the help of their new speedster, they take the lead again, defeat their opponents and rescue their family.
 No. 6 then takes this chance to ask of what exactly had happened to Lithe Speed, the Midnight Brothers told him that; “When they started their work as villains, they stole the belt from the original Lithe Speed. Dr. Deagan had wanted it, but after they stole it, he, being a mad scientist, forgot all about it. The original Lithe Speed, however, had tried many ways to find them but they always escaped him because he was no more a speedster”. No. 6 then decided to keep the speedster’s belt.
 Back at home, Sentinel and his wife are first reluctant to allow the children to take up crime-fighting but later agreed. Jamal Jones came to Cirrus City to prepare the crime-fighting kit for the new youth heroes.
 Jones took up the secret identity FROSTY, Damian became LANTERNSTAR, Andy became WILDFIRE and Nicky became SPRY.
 As soon as Andrew and Lizzie returned to the Superheroes Society, Betty took back the mantle of Sentinel, identifying herself as the local Sentinel, and continued working with Sentry.
 Shadow Ninja and Silhouette took a break to go and join the UH ‘for a while’. It looked more like they were going to start their own family. Roland was sent to live in the Nixson’s huge house.
 The remaining Security Men were Sentinel (Betty), Sentry (Roland), Frosty, Wildfire and Lanternstar.

 In Brick City, the Superheroes Society had expanded greatly and some of the new members were Myriad Maiden (a young alien-oriented woman with marvelous abilities to multiply herself into many super strong clones), Prime Time (a speedster who had access to time travel), Axis (an alien guardian who could make her body into a portal to space), Ferocette (the wife of a super-villain who after defeating her husband, decided to continue in the superhero career), Finn the Fortunate and Espy.
 The Superheroes Society discovered a hero who could replicate anyone’s abilities and powers. They trained him using various sidekicks until he had mastered the skills of all the youth heroes. He was then officially enlisted as Prince.
 Jamal Jones had given up his identity as Remote and worked with the team as its Lawyer, Spokesperson and Public Relations Officer.
 Soon enough, Andrew heard that his elder brother, Tony had gone missing. After a while, a new superhero (Shock Wave) came to town, chasing down super-villains King Shock and Lord Burner. With the help of the Superheroes Society, Shock Wave brings the villains to justice.
 Andrew soon realized that Shock Wave was his ‘missing’ brother Tony. Sentinel revealed his secret identity to his brother and the two reunite as a family; as well as Shock Wave joined the Superheroes Society.
 When Tony was retreating to Pall-Omar for an undercover mission from the Superheroes Society, his two nephews, Wildfire and Lanternstar decide to go with him.
 There, Wildfire and Lanternstar remain and form the first Brotherhood of Young Superheroes; using Reginald Soul’s house as their base of operations; with other young heroes; Beastie (amazing youth who could morph into insects with different heights), Energy Girl (a super strong; ultraviolet emitting teenager), Lithe Speed (the son of the original who didn’t need a belt) and Voltage (a victim of King Shock’s Youth Empowerment Programme).
 In Pall-Omar, Tony Nixson seemingly ‘dies’ but Shock Wave survived. Tony faked the death of his civilian identity and decides to take up full-time crime fighting. Shock Wave later returned to the Superheroes Society and took up full time duty with the team.
 The current Security Men are the local Sentinel and Sentry. Meanwhile, Frosty and Spry fight crime alone on another territory and handle it effectively.
 Sentinel (Andrew) currently serves as the leader of the Superheroes Society.