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@Scatman said:

Hey AP i am near sighted so sometimes while creating i don’t see things.You sure are right with the little pet and the hands.I wonder if you could help me.I have a problem tweekin’ my stuff because for some reason the machine loses my saves after returning to the page a few times.thats why I rush to download it as fast as a can to save what I can quickly.It sucks for going back and correcting things.It’s probably my dinosuar of a pc.

I would suggest saving your creations text strings as a text file on your computer that way you do not have to worry about your compuiter purging the .sol files ( the files heromachine uses to save the characters ) To get the text string click on the save button, then the text tab and copy the text that appears in the box and paste it into your favorite text programs be it MS word, notepad, google docs, what have you.