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well back in the saddle after aome bills needed some payin’

Well I have been working on a little thing i call BOOSTERBABES
While John Wilconsin is working his 9 to 5 as the AEROTECH INC. CEO of affairs his wife and 3 daughters are a bit high maitanance!
All girls! Would he give his right arm for just one boy to carry his name.His wife home cleaning,the kids with there I-pods and text messages and boys school and the rif raf in and out of the house when he’s away at work ,working on that new project for NASA.
Well, little does he know his wife Gen with her gadgety gifts has stolen some of the plans for some of his top secret work for human jet technology.Abba,Jet,Didi and herself have made quite the exciting life for themselves as vigilante rocketeers or as they call them selves The BOOSTERBABES
First up ABBA…..
mature,sassy and quite avid in the martial arts field.
all about charisma…genius in Mathmatics,also great in the rink,and well she dresses a bit too nerdy at school say the snobs at school.Technological whiz and gageteer she is Dangerous with a capital DD
After she served in the Armed Forces as a Black Hawk pilot She fell in love with the sheer beauty of the most amazing Helicopter slash,Terrorist Castrator,in the history of modern weaponry!she needs no introduction she just hits you when you least expect it!
Last but Not least Mother of the bunch,hardly of the faint of heart with some top secret military experience herself ,little did John know before she met him she was working in turkey for the Marines,using tech,and gadgetry she made a name for herself then was compromised and needed to flee the Military.she is known as the General (hence the nme Gen).Her wonderful gals like to call her MOTHERSHIP!
Her’s GENscatman-BoosterBabes-GenA.K.A.Mothership.png