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Hey Back in the saddle!That outside demension sucks no intelligent life forms whatsoever.Anyway here’s the newbie
After being long time service member in the Navy,Seaman Ronald Mcvoy was asked to be part of a highly classified operation called “The Philidelphia Experiment ” as it was more publicly known.A cloaking device using radar deflection .He reluctantly took the job of taking photos of the shoreline as the experiment was occuring.The experiment lasted all about 8 minutes but what they found after was a catostrophic event.Men were mended as part of the ship ,Matter was blown to peices and randomly smashed back together again,and a lone survivor Mcvoy was happy to be alive! He battled with the fact he was the only one untill doctors determined him “GLOWING” his atoms radiating.After many experiments and mishaps on his atomic structure he became more and more powerful!Everyday since he has growing and expanding.He no longer can contain the energy from his body.He has no choice !Get out of his path to OBLIVION,,the one he must destroy in order to kill the energy surging through him and to feel the calm of normality once again.

ABILITY-He smashes atoms together causing amazing shockwaves of radiant energy from his solarplexis.

RAYDON-Knight Visor