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Lylia is from a planet in the Virgo constellation.also works for the Unified F.O.L.(THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT)
she is the only one who holds the Sword of Orions daughter(as it’s been called for centuries)passed on only from the DIRECT bloodline of Daughters stemming from the Orion Dynasty.This sword holds what they call the Power of the Red Pheonix.
it’s power holds the ability to change extreme evil into a neutralized state,pretty much keeping the evil one still and at peace….a gift for the Universe as well as gift for the one who is touched by it.ONLY LYLIA HOLDS THIS POWER,It will have devistating effects in the wrong hands ,unfortunately doing the exact opposite!Needless to say she protects this sword with her very existence untill she can pass it to her daughter at the time of her resignation from the Federation.