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In an effort to make this easier on people I cut and paste everyones list, then Deleted all the Items gotten, If It hit two numbers on the list I went with the number they were primarily looking to gift!
5 – A design of yours that you would like me to colour.

5-redesign of LiveWyre character

4) A female version of this pose (And male if somebody else has a use for it)
Reveal Spoiler
5) A redesign of this character

1. Something for the Harlequin Theme (Figure, character, item)
3. Gotham City Sirens pose. (The Three Gracia in one picture)
5. Similar for Leah Possesed Portrait

Dionne Jinn
1. Redesign of a random pirate I made a while back.
3. One of the four main characters from Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 Days (Phileas Fogg, Jean Passepartout, Aouda, Fix).
4. Western-style “boomtown turned into a ghosttown” background.
5. A sitting pose.

Keric Ok, 1 a companion for her
3 i love this mouth
5 suprise me

1: New mechanical mainiac
3: new superhero to fight malmo (a squid headed red + blue cyborg)
4: a dark arts magician (preferably female but it’s up 2 u)