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Thanks Keric, a bit above and beyond the call of duty there, I only wanted the poses, but good work none the less.


@Keric said:

4 some one dressed up $$$ to the nine$
5 suprise me

Let’s see if I can’t do both of these in one, but mostly 4.

I’m sure there are at least nine stars there (maybe 900), so does that count?

Now, one thing to clear up. If all gifts have been given off of one persons list, you can still give them something off their list. If your list has been done, feel free to put up another list if you want. I’m quite happy to keep receiving gifts off of my current list, or if you don’t want to do something someone else has already done, go to my redesign contest page and enter the current contest, I’m fine with that. One proviso, it is closing on Monday.