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Alrighty, list time.

1) A Heromachine image of these two characters together (Doesn’t have to be the same scene(s) shown, the images are just for referance).
In-game images of Jess

In-game images of Aaron (Sorry for the crappy referance images of him, but this is the best I can provide until I talk to this character’s player)

In-game image together

2) A villain for my character Geek

3) This pose (With a normal head of course, and preferably full body instead of the legs covered by the robe and portal)

4) A female version of this pose (And male if somebody else has a use for it)

5) A redesign of this character

After losing her right arm in the crossfire between two heroes having a super-powered, violent disagreement and being too poor to afford any kind of medical treatment, she instead turned to darker forces and begged a demonic being to save her. The demon fused itself with her body, replacing her arm with a new monstrous limb. Within her demonic arm is the potential power to bring the end of days, but so far she thankfully has no idea how to tap into that power.