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Herr D

Linea? I really shouldn’t have looked at your list. I got your #5 stuck in my head. I’ve extracted it, below:

Lola Leilani’s lovely luau looked zany as Zuni the Zombie Pig practically pillaged the whole place. Then Pineapple Joe, the wackier whacker of Waikiki wiped him out.

I’m not touchin’ that apple.
Let me know if that counts. If it does, this is my list, and I’ll look up how to give you the text again.

1. Enforcer KF2 mid-leap over a crowd. Description: human in power armor (grays and beiges with ‘KF2′ on back, front, and one arm, with five-muzzle shoulder gun of roughly .50 caliber) armor allows 20′ high, 30’ long jumps. He’s basically a good and streetwise cop in a mining penal colony in large asteroid tunnels.
2. Custom background: laundromat with some machines visible.
3. Custom pose of Tarzan swinging from vine.
4. Scene of cat, dog, or hamster sneeze blowing a car off the street from their carrier or cage, etc.
5. Custom backgrounds: scenic European-style windmill or suspension bridge (principle but not necessarily style of Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran.)

All the images I put up have been covered. All my original list is covered, too. Alternates could be a suspension bridge from the side, end to end; perspective of the tops of two washing machines, one to the left pristine and one to the right crumpled– size about the bottom left eighth or so of the standard panel; other scenes from “The Show Must Go Off;” and I’m open to suggestions.