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name: ysmir (frost king)
age: n/a
weapon: dual chained hammers of frost
story: 2037 jack was a archaeologist, when the world was being corrupted and destroyed, jack was digging and digging then he found a secret cave that nobody found for centuries. he was wondering what was all of this in the cave. it was nothing but brave warriors dead and turned into ice. then he saw a helmet and picked it up. the helmet was giving him visions on back in the past. so he put the helmet on and when he put the helmet on, his eyes were glowing and he was no longer jack. he was ysmir the frost king. when he dug his way out of the ground. when he dug his way up, he looked at the mountains and every city in the was destroyed and gone. ysmir said “hehe, since the everybody is gone their will no longer forest their will be iceage around the world and nobody will stop mee!!!!”.