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I’m making a pvp soon. I’ll tale you all the instruction’s later after i’m done making classes. It mite appear bottom of the classes so everybody, be interested to try out this pvp game. I know your like saying WHAT!, IMPOSSIBLE,OR THIS IS UNUSUAL, but it’s possible, and more fun for heromachine. If you don’t like fantasy, then i will product a more scifi or modern type to keep everybody interested in pvp match’s. Actually i’ll let you know the instruction’s now for impatient readers that are reading this.

PVP instructions:
1. use quote in order to control your character and type in what actions or special moves your going to use. The stats, actions, and special moves for your character to use posted under the character’s picture. Also be fair using these stats, actions, and special moves. if your not being fair, then i would have to disqualify you and the match.

2. use my classes that i created. If your going to create your classes or character, make sure it has fair stats, actions, and special moves.

3. don’t be a jerk in pvp. if you do then i will probably disqualify you and report you.

disobey these instructions and i will disqualify you. the disqualification means you will be sent away from pvp for a day. I might give you a second chance, but if your still disobeying the instructions, i will have no choice but to report you.

Also i almost forgot to tell you all that you will have ranks.
you have to type in your rank in order for your character or class to be completed.
For example: ice crusher (rank 5).
Obviously, you can only reach to rank 10.

so whatever class i create and it require’s a specific rank, you have to make your rank to sufficent in order to get that character or class.

that is all the information i will give you when pvp is out.