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@Scatman said:

wow!are you off to a great start!good stuff1and welcome to the forums.can’t wait to see more!

thanks Scatman! And I just can’t wait to create more Laugh

@Kaldath said:

WOW! Some Really nice pieces of art you have here! Welcome to the Forum I am Kaldath one of the two Moderators of the Forum. If you have any questions feel free to ask, myself, Hammerknight, or one of the many other helpful members of the forum should be able to help. Also don’t worry about your English skills, you are note the only member of the forum for whom English is not their native tongue!

Hi Kaldath! Nice to meet you.
Wow, glad to hear that… <-- what I mean here is about english skill, hehe

@Kytana said:

You make create good first picture. I like the second, it makes a sad feel.

I really loves that one too, uncommonly color of her skin has its own magical message (for me)