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Herr D

@rogueace6969 said:

@The Atomic Punk said:

Is that a fresh wound on her thigh? Maybe go with a blue (oxidized blood) or red / black (bulging bruise). Definitely a fan of her hair and rag.

Thank you. Yes and no, Lol…it was actually intended to be a fresh scrape, hence the blood, which also snagged her stockings. Couldn’t find a look I was completely happy with.

Bruises are usually best as multiple layers of translucent purple and dark yellow mismatched insignia. SCRAPES are sometimes good to run ‘through’ a bruise and usually best as overlapping multiple translucent blades in skin color, reds, and some random scab colors thrown in. If you make the shape you have solid skin color as just the stocking run and start layering on the injury . . . I like her already, I was ready to assume a tattoo had lined up with a stocking run.

I prefer the Galactic Rockers, of course. That drummer reminds me of an old girlfriend . . . Smile