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Hey guys,

I’m new to the forum but I’ve been playing with HM off and on since the original. Lately I’ve been playing with the 3alpha and I’m liking everything it can do. I do enough of my own drawing, but it’s nice on occasion to play with a large, but finite toolbox. It’s like character art legos. I also really like seeing what different people do with the same pieces.
This is the first thing I made in HM3. In my own work I’m slowly working through my own subconscious and doing some personal mythologizing. I made the first version of this figure a week or so ago, but it had bare “chesticles” so I couldn’t post it. Since I had to take it down earlier I took the time to make a few edits. This isn’t substantially different but I think it overall looks better.

(Anyway, this is Keeper of Hearts, which was my first post but now is my second post).