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This one is still a WIP. I’m calling it Three Cats, but it’s sort of this Sphinx/Fates combo creature. The cat body need some flashy bangles and belts like the figures do. I was using the “housecat” body for a while but moved the the “panther” one this morning. I’m liking it a little better this way. I’m still not sure if I’m keeping the three tails. I might have to end this image soon. I don’t think the engine can handle all the objects. It’s at the point where I can’t actually move anything without the whole image chugging through commands. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong; the image has like 110 or so layers. Eeesh.

– Image being edited due to nips. If I can’t figure out how to edit/detach the the image link, I’ll just delete the whole post later.-