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Charles Florestan was born into a wealthy family in Monaco. He grew up in luxury and eventually drifted to Formula One racing as his means of occupation. His family also purchased a Commander position in the Prince’s Company of Carabiniers if he ever decided to leave racing. In his third year as a Formula One race car driver, Charles was involved in an accident doing a timed test run in Italy. The car was completely destroyed in a ball of fire and Charles was found nearby almost unscathed. Everyone assumed he was thrown from the race car before it exploded and Charles was sent to a local hospital for observation. During the night Charles was abducted by Powerlance and Gauntlet. He was secreted to a hidden laboratory in the Alps where a cloaked figure conducted genetic experiments on Charles looking for his GorWol code. The hooded figure managed to isolate Charles’ latent GorWol trait and increased the amount of ions his body produced, allowing Charles to control them in the form of electricity. Charles used his powers to escape and went public with his abilities after finding his way back to Monaco and his family. He took the name Commander Ion and spent over a year with the ISF learning how to control his powers before becoming a full time hero in Europe. Commander Ion continuously generates ions which produce an electric charge he can project or shape with limited success. He can use his ionic charge to fly, shoot ionic beams, create simple shapes using electrical energy (cages, boxes, shields) and resist attacks. A side affect of his manifestation is his loss of all body hair and his skin pigment turning to a shade of light yellow hue.