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This one proved to be a difficult villain to compile. I tried mixing male alternate body parts with granite pattern but it slowed down the program too much and it just didn’t look right. Eventually I used a companion base and added features to create the large behemoth know as Golem.
Samuel Norris was a crooked cop in LA when he was convicted of corruption and murder and sentenced to 20 years in the California Prison System. After beating the first prisoner who challenged him half to death Samuel was prepared for other expected attacks. When a riot broke out in his prison, Samuel was chased in the ensuing chaos by members of a street gang who he used to target as a cop. Cornered in the prison laundry facility, Samuel was attacked and his GorWol trait manifested and he transformed into an 8 and 1/2 foot, 1 ton body of stone. Easily dispatching his attackers and then walking through the withering fire of the prison guards and national guard, Samuel escaped. He kept walking until he was confronted by the original ISF team of Stargazer, Bronco, Genie, Vikka, Vargr and MEGATEK. He fought them to a standstill but was defeated when Stargazer propelled him into space with his Photokinesis. It took Norris, now called Golem, a year to leap from the moon back to Earth. He again challenged the ISF but was defeated when ISF teams ALPHA and BRAVO combined forces. Taken into custody, Golem was released by Dr. Dimento who offered him a job of getting revenge against the ISF. Golem is now the Dark Cabals muscle. Golem is super strong able to lift about 50 tons. His skin is made of hard rock and he can withstand tremendous amounts of kinetic and energy damage. He is almost immune to fire/heat/cold/ice based attacks but is susceptible to cold when water is involved. He has a degree of psionic resistance due to his brain turning into organic rock when transformed. Even though Golem moves slowly he is fairly fast up close in melee combat.