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Colonel Stanislav created the WARBOT to be his bodyguard and as a weapon for Dr. Dimento. Stanislav stole materials he needed from the US Military and from private technology corporations across the states. WARBOT has a titanium alloyed chassis that is very tough and can withstand most ballistic attacks. WARBOT is also highly resistant to elemental attacks (fire, heat, cold, ice) although massive extremes of any of them will damage his circuits. WARBOT is outfitted with multiple offensive weaponry including mini rockets, an energy generator, an acoustic generator, a force field generator, a flame thrower, a heat beam generator and a battle computer than can assist in making combat calculations. WARBOT is super strong able to lift 20 tons and can fly via a self contained jet pack. WARBOT is programmed to defend Stanislav and Dimento when not engaged in other tasks.