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Pamela Weston looks like a bikini model- blonde, beautiful, young, endowed, when actually she is a plump 45 year old drifter and grifter. Pamela never completed high school back in rural Arkansas and moved to Louisiana to follow her sweetheart Roy. After a year of living in a slum apartment with minimum wage jobs Pamela kicked Roy out and began stripping for money. Pamela went from abusive relationship to abusive relationship for the next 20 years eking out a pitiful existence. Her GorWol trait manifested after her last boyfriend beat her and sent her into a slight coma. She survived and when she woke up and saw her bruised face, she wished she looked like she did when she was 18 again. She instantly changed in appearance. Stunned, Pamela retreated to her home and experimented with what she could do. She could cast real lifelike illusions so convincing they fool people even by touch and smell. When her boyfriend was released from jail and came back to the apartment Pamela was waiting for him. She used her powers to scare and he died of a heart attack. Pamela then began a new life looking like a 23 year old buxom blonde. She became a good con-woman, bilking rich men out of money and jewels. She even became a thief able to change her appearance after robbing a place. Dr. Dimento found her stealing from rich men in the French Riviera when he gave her the option of joining his Dark Cabal or perish. She chose to join and became enamored of Skulljagger (who believes her to be a damsel in distress). Major Flirt is an illusionist and can psionically create life-like illusion with her thoughts. Her illusions are light based and appear as blurs when caught by video or pictures. Her illusions are so powerful they can force her opponents to react to to them (feeling pain when hit by one of her illusion flash lasers). If she concentrates on the illusion they will last indefinitely, if she does not concentrate on them then they will dissipate over time, depending on how much energy it took to create the illusion. Her GorWol trait also provides her with a slight increase in reflexes, stamina, speed, and healing.