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Nbuka is a Ghanan vodun priestess, a vodunsi, from a long line of priestesses. All the women in her family exhibit the same GorWol trait and each daughter has a stronger strain of the trait. Nbuka is the last of her female relatives to have the trait. Her mother was killed by Ghanan Bushmen for bringing a curse upon their tribe. Nbuka fled to the safety of the nearby mountains and she remained hidden, perfecting her powers. When she was strong enough she raised an entire graveyard and slaughtered the tribe that killed her mother. She then went to find a perfect mate so she could have a daughter. Her first target was Vargr since animal spirits hold great respect in vodun but she was thwarted by Vikka and MEGATEK. She then attacked Bronco to see if he was worthy but Genie helped Bronco defeat Nbuka. She then targeted a well known British stage actor in London but was stopped by Mystik and jailed. Dr. Dimento broke her out of prison in England, called her his DarkWitch and she joined his Dark Cabal still looking for a suitable mate. Nbuka is a umbrakinetic and necrokinetic. She can generate dark energy for a variety of effects such as- dark energy blasts, dark shields, invisibility, teleportaition, blinding or scaring targets, flight, entangling foes and weakening their bodies and spirits. She is also a powerful necrokinetic. She can make zombies and skeletons rise from the grave and do her bidding. The undead are nearly impervious to harm (except fire and acid) although attacks which destroy a large magnitude of the undead body will sever the necromantic link. The undead are superstrong, loyal, and posses basic intelligence for simple commands. Nbuka can control up to 50 undead at one time, but that limits her ability to do anything else other than concentrate on undead control.