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Kristoff was found by Dr. Dimento in an insane asylum in Bulgaria. He was declared clinically insane after police in Bulgaria uncovered half consumed bodies in his house. Dr. Dimento broke Kristoff out of prison and unleashed his GorWol trait turning Kristoff into Kyton. Dimento had Stanislav fashion an outfit and whips for Kyton. Kyton is a dangerous and unpredictable opponent. During one fight against Gunslinger, Kyton had the upper hand but left because he believed Gorilla King touched his stuff at their hideout and wanted to make sure. Kyton is a minor biokinetic; he has enhanced strength (approximately 1 ton), reflexes, agility, and stamina. He wears armor which provides some resistance to attacks, and has two super strong and bladed whips which he employs with supreme skill. He has special enmity for Lord Psyker (calls him the prison shrink), Mythic, and Skyhunter. He is also fascinated with Blood Harpy.