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Brodie Jameson and his brother Bobby were good kids born into a poor situation. Living in a broken home in NYC, the brothers were busted for petty crimes by the time they were 18. Brodie did a two year stint in prison where he got his GED and learned a trade, electrician. He got out and was determined to go straight when his brother found him a job doing electrical work for a mysterious researcher. The day Brodie finished laying all the wire for the lab, the researcher, wanted by INTERPOL and the FBI for stolen toxic chemicals, was arrested along with everyone at the lab- including Brodie and Bobby. Doing another two years for associating with a known criminal while on parole Brodie again tried to go straight when he was approached by a rich Mexican businessman to be his chauffeur. Brodie accepted the job until his electricians paperwork for the union was finalized. Little did Brodie know that the Mexican businessman was the leader of a drug cartel in Mexico and was arrested by the DEA soon after. Brodie again was sent to prison for another year. His brother Bobby found him an electrical job for a Russian when he got out and Brodie was happy laying electrical wires again. The Russian turned out to be Colonel Stanislav and soon the brothers found themselves strapped to a table with the Colonel injecting them with an experimental serum. Bobby grew in size and broke his restraints but then died from the serum. Brodie also grew in size, broke his restraints and beat the Colonel with his new found powers of super strength and durability. At this point the police raided the lab and saw Brodie beating the Russian with a dead body at his feet and shot at Brodie. Brodie easily escaped and finally accepted he was destined for a life of crime. He was eventually found by Dr. Dimento and accepted a position within the Dark Cabal (better than the alternative). Brodie took the name Skulljagger and when Stanislav joined the Dark Cabal (with a wiped memory) Stanislav designed and built the energy shield Skulljagger wears. Skulljagger is a biokinetic; he can lift 30 tons, has increased stamina and is very durable. He has an energy shield which enhances his durability especially against all the new heroes running around blasting everything with their energy powers.