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Blood Harpy is a psychotic person, even for the Dark Cabal. It is believed her name was Susan Tharpe before she manifested and turned into the being she is today. She is a minor biokinetic having super strength (1 ton), enhanced reflexes and stamina. She is also a minor audiokinetic able to focus sound waves from her mouth in a scream which can weaken and destroy objects. She also possesses ergokinetics and can generate powerful blasts from her hands. She has sharp talons on her hands and feet and sharp teeth which she will use in combat. She is utterly loyal to Dimento, dislikes Succubus and Major Flirt, and is friends with Scales. Blood Harpy also likes any female metahuman who is prettier than her (which most are) and has special enmity against Astra Deva, Vikka, Genie, and Bombshell. She often competes with Succubus to see who is more demented when torturing poor souls.