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Hector Gomez was a petty criminal in Mexico used for muscle due to his imposing size. One day while providing security for the Zeta Cartel, Mexican Police raided the place and Hector was taken prisoner. Rotting in a Mexican jail Hector got on the wrong end of the prison jefe and took a beating that almost killed him. As he lay bleeding in the corner of his cell, his GorWol trait manifested and Hector transformed into a large demon looking creature. He slaughtered everyone in the cell there with him, ripping their bodies to shreds with his new found strength. He easily broke out of the jail and flew towards the US-Mexican border. At the border he was stopped by Major Mercury and Mythic. He fought them until the rest of ISF Alpha team showed up when the balance tipped in their favor. Suddenly Hector was teleported away from the area by Dr. Dimento and given a position in the Dark Cabal where Dimento christened him Baateezu. Baateezu is a pyrokinetic and biokinetic. He is super strong (30 ton range), durable and has wings which he uses for flight. He also generates fire from his hands and mouth out to a distance of 75 feet.