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Rajan Gudakeshka was a corrupt police officer in Mombai when his GorWol trait manifested. He was fleeing from anti-corruption investigators after receiving a bribe when they caught him in an alley. As the three men beat on Rajan he transformed into a large four armed gorilla and tore the three men to shreds. Retaining his sentience while transformed Rajan understood what he had done and fled into the nearby jungle. After reverting back to human form Rajan went to his house, packed a few belongings and hid them in the jungle, then walked into the nearest bank and robbed out. After the bank was surrounded by police, Rajan strapped the money bag around his torso, transformed into the large gorilla creature and escaped with ease. Dr. Dimento found him in Bangkok and recruited him into the Dark Cabal. Rajan took the name Gorilla King and decided to stay in that form for all time. Gorilla King is strong (25 tons), quick and agile for his size and possess tremendous stamina. His fur and dense skin give him good resistance to most attacks although fire still burns him. He has superior senses and is a savage melee combatant with his four arms. Rajan has stayed in this form for so long his intelligence has diminished a certain degree and he no longer speaks in complete sentences. During the beginning of the Meta War, Gorilla King fought Killer Bee and ripped his original wings from off his back.