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Wally Rivers was born with a serious skin disease and was shunned by society in Louisiana. His skin was scaly and greenish and he had a temper. After 12 years of living in misery his parents left him in a swamp and moved to another part of the country. Wally embraced this new lifestyle and fully changed into the lizard humanoid being he is today. After killing a few fishermen Wally was caught by local police and handed over to the government. Government scientists believed Wally was a mutant throwback to an earlier period in earths history. Dr. Dimento heard of Wally and broke him out of the government facility. Dimento christened him Scales and made him a completely loyal servant. Scales is a vicious fighter and relishes combat. He helped kill Jaguara and gave Bronco his scars. He also has a personal hatred for Vargr and will usually charge after Vargr if he sees him. Scales is a therianthropic; he transformed into a lizard like humanoid with tough scaly skin, sharp teeth and claws and a tail. He is fast and agile and is strong enough to lift 10 tons. He secretes a toxin from his claws which poisons and will eventually paralyze an opponent if they do not have a high constitution. He can also throw his poison out from his fingertips to about 20 feet. While he cannot breathe underwater he can hold his breathe for hours. He also has heightened senses and can see in the dark