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More Dark Cabal members-
No one really knows much about the villainess called Succubus before Dr. Dimento brought her into his Dark Cabal. She might be Eastern European based on the many languages she speaks (Russian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian) however she lies at every opportunity so it is difficult to say. She has bee a member of the Dark Cabal since its inception, being the first recruit. She is blood thirsty and deadly. She also likes to toy with her prey and relishes in killing the innocent. She has a deep hatred for Knight Rose and Genie for unknown reasons. Succubus is an Umbrakinetic and can generate powerful blasts of negative or dark energy. She can also use her dark energy to create simple melee weapons (whips being her preferred choice). She also has the ability to manipulate, nullify and amplify pain which makes her dangerous in a fight, but she can only do one of those at a time. While she is amplifying a targets pain she cannot nullify a teammates pain.